Channel Introduction
Dome, Igloo and Spherical Tank
Beam Bending Model
Shear in Beams
Beam Statics
1. Equilibrium of a Point
2. Equilibrium of a Body
3. Arches and Chains
4. Suspension Bridges
5. Gothic Cathedrals
6. Soil and Water Pressures
7. Dams
8. Retaining Walls
9. Silos and Tanks
10. Tunnels and Culverts
Fun with Arches
Bending of Plates
Hydrostatic Forces on Surfaces
Beautiful Bones

Bending of Beams

01) Strain in a Beam
02) Strain (Non-symmetric)
03) Stress in a Beam (Elastic Case)
04) Moment of Inertia
05) Bending Moment (Elastic Case)
06) Moment-Stress Relationship (Elastic Case)
07)Elastic Section Modulus
08)Stress in a Beam(Elastic-Plastic Case)
09) Naming the Moment Acting on a Beam
10) Total Moment (Elastic-Plastic Case)

Inferring Forces in Cells

How Force Inference Works

Engineering as a Career

Is Engineering Right for Me?

EasyStats (Statistics)

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Can Cancer Metastasis Be Prevented?
Formation of Neural Tube
Simulation of Neurulation
3D Cell Sorting
Forces Driving Furrow Formation
Tensile Test of Embryonic Tissue