Our Team

Over the years, several hundred graduate and undergraduate students, co-op students, postdocs, technicians, and visitors have made important contributions to the Brodland lab. Many of these people were captured in photos that were added to the “rogues’ gallery” on the back of our lab door.

One of the people who appears in many of those photos is Jim Veldhuis, my faithful and long-standing lab technician, “who was my right hand” from 1999 to 2017.

I want to express my sincere thanks to all of the wonderful people who helped to build and operate my lab.

G. Wayne Brodland

The full research team chronology on the back of the lab door

Research Team 1988

Research Team 2005

Research Team 2008

Research Team 2017

Graduate Student Alumni

Matthew Perrone, 2017, “The Biomechanics of Mammary Epithelial Morphogenesis,“M.A.Sc.

Jae Kang, 2017, “Possible Mechanisms of Luminal Cell Escape from the Mammary Duct,“M.A.Sc.

Ahmad Ehsander, 2015, "Cellular forces that drive embryogenesis", Ph.D.

Steven Kim, 2012, "Mechanics of embryonic wound healing", M.A.Sc.

P. Lee, 2010, "Mechanics of Tissues from Mutant Embryos," M.A.Sc., co-supervised with M. Marsden, Department of Biology.

Graham Cranston, 2009, "Inverse Finite Element Methods for Embryonic Tissues," M.A.Sc.

Tony Leung, 2009, "Reconstruction of Biological Cells from Confocal Microscope Data," M.A.Sc.

Simon Tsui, 2009, "Mechanics of Cell-cell Interactions," M.A.Sc., University of Waterloo.

Justina T.-Y. Yang, 2008, "3D Finite Element Modeling of Biological Cells," M.A.Sc.

Paul Groh, 2008, "Laser Microsurgery System," M.A.Sc.

Abby Li, 2008, "Mechanics of Chick Neurulation," M.Sc., Department of Biology

Parthipan Siva, 2008, "Image Processing Algorithm to Quantify Mitoses in Chick Embryos," Ph.D., co-supervised with D. Clausi, Department of Systems Design Engineering.

Jen Sweny, 2007, "Measurement of Interfacial Tensions in Embryonic Tissues," M.Sc., Department of Biology.

Fatima Kakal, 2007, "Effects of Teratogens on the Mechanical Properties of Embryonic Epithelia," M.A.Sc., Department of Biology.

Xiaoguong Chen, 2007, "3D Computational Modeling of Neurulation," Ph.D.

Denis Viens, 2006, "3D Computational Modeling of the Mechanics of Biological Cells," Ph.D.

Richard Benko, 2006, "Measurement of In Situ Stresses in Embryos," M.A.Sc.

Peter J.W. Iles, 2005, "Average Cell Orientation, Eccentricity and Size Estimated from Tissue Images", M.A.Sc., co-supervised with D. Clausi.

Caleb Van Slightenhorst, 2004, "High Strain Rate Compressive Properties of Bovine Muscle Tissue," M.A.Sc., co-supervised with D. Cronin.

Colin J. Wiebe, 2003, "A Micro-scale Tensile Tester for Embryonic Epithelia," M.A.Sc.

Gregory J. Bootsma, 2003, "An Automated Scheme for 3D Reconstruction of Live Axolotl Embryos," M.A.Sc.

Shannon Puddister, 2003, "Estimating Bulk Geometrical Properties of Cellular Structures," M.A.Sc., co-supervised with D. Clausi.

Steven Fox, 2002, "Bearing Stiffeners in Cold-Formed Steel C-Sections," Ph.D.

Daniel I. Chen, 2000, "A Constitutive Model for Embryonic Epithelia and Other Planar Aggregates of Biological Cells", M.A.Sc.

L.Q. He, 1999, "Flexible Foam Behaviour Tracked Using Digital Images", M.A.Sc.

Helen H. Chen, 1998, "Finite Element-based Computer Simulation of Motility, Sorting, and Deformation in Biological Cells", Ph.D.

J.D. Truman, 1997, "Finite Element Modelling of Cellular Solids Using Step-wise Linear, 2D Approximations", M.A.Sc.

Jim H. Veldhuis, 1996, "An Integrated System for Analyzing the 3D Kinematics of Axolotl Neurulation", M.A.Sc.

J.D. Rehkopf, 1994, "Fluid and Matrix Components of the Behaviour of a Polyurethane Foam Under Dynamic Compression," Ph.D., co-supervised with G. M. McNeice.

Andrew F. MacLean, 1994, "Three-dimensional Embryo Reconstruction from Multiple Views," M.A.Sc.

Cindy M. Matuga, 1992, "Analysis of Neural Tube Cell Density During Neurulation in the Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum)" M.A.Sc., co-supervised by M. Globus and S. Vethamany-Globus, Biology.

Michael J. Scott, 1991, "Modelling and Analysis of Shape Changes in Embryonic Cell Sheets," M.A.Sc.

David A. Clausi, 1991, "Finite Element Simulation of Early Embryonic Development," M.A.Sc.