Welcome to EasyStats, where our goal is to provide videos, spreadsheets and other tools that will make it easy and fun to learn statistics. At this point, we have produced 12 videos on key topics related to statistics, including two of its long-standing mysteries: the n-1 in the denominator of the sample variance formula and the Student-t distribution. The videos are not intended to serve as a course on statistics, but as supplementary material to explain some of its key concepts.

The spreadsheets are meant to be downloaded so that students and instructors can see the exact formulas that make them run and can experiment with them.

As funding and other resources become available, we hope to expand our offerings.

We hope you will enjoy these materials, share them with your friends and use them in your classes.

If you would like to help us offer high-quality written translations of these videos, please contact us.

A mirror of this site is available at http://www.civil.uwaterloo.ca/brodland, as are a number of resources on other topics that may be of interest to students and instructors.

All the best,

G. Wayne Brodland

Professor of Engineering

University of Waterloo