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WATFLOOD Executables and drivers

WATFLOOD & WATROUTE Users Manual manual.pdf  (4 Mb) Updated June 2, 2016.

This manual describes in detail the different features and utilities in WATFLOOD as well as the data requirements and file formats.

WATFLOOD Example data sets (1.5Meg) Updated Dec. 2/11 (23Mb Nov. 21/12)


A complete set of files to start from scratch with instructions: The Sapochi River from the BOREAS project. workshop_sapochi.pdf


WATFLOOD Presentations
These presentations show the abilities of Watflood for predicting streamflow in numerous situations.


Theses - PDF Downloads

Please note that the Univ. of Waterloo requires the name of any person using or copying a thesis. Please e-mail the information that you have downloaded the thesis. Much appriciated.


Todd Neff thesis neff_thesis.pdf

1.3 Mb

Mesoscale Water Balance of the Boreal Forest Using Operational Evapotranspiration Approaches in a Distributed Hydrological Model

Todd's thesis provides the background info for the WATFLOOD ET module


Luis León PH.D. thesis: 3.9 Mb


Luis León's Duffins Creek data set (need key)   


Shari Carlaw M.A.Sc. thesis: carlaw.pdf  6.7 Mb.


Allyson Bingeman Ph. D. thesis: bingeman.pdf  3.8 Mb.


Erika Klyszejko M.A.Sc Thesis

Hydrologic Validation of Real-Time Weather Radar VPR Correction Methods :  15.3 Mb.


Tricia Stadnyk PhD thesis:

Mesoscale Hydrological Model Validation and Verification using Stable Water Isotopes: The isoWATFLOOD Model    8.35 Mb.


Robert Wayne jenkinson PhD thesis:

Surface Water Quality Modelling Considering Riparian Wetlands   13.65 Mb.


Unpublished paper "Optimal element SizeAnalysis Using the WATFLOOD Model" June, 2003, by Allyson Bingeman et al.  DMIP_bingeman.pdf


Optimization Hints

A typical optimization of the model parameters should involve various steps. An example of an optimization for the BOREAS SSA is provided in optimization.doc (Updated Dec. 19/02)


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