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The WATFLOOD/CHARM software is furnished by N. Kouwen and the University of Waterloo and is accepted and used by the recipient upon the express understanding that N. Kouwen and the University of Waterloo make no warranties, either express or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, usability, performance, or fitness for any particular purpose or the information contained in this manual, to the software described in this manual, and to other material supplied in connection therewith. The material is provided "as is". The entire risk as to its quality and performance is with the user.

The forecasts produced by the WATFLOOD/CHARM software are for information and discussion purposes only and are not to be relied upon in any particular situation without the express written consent of N. Kouwen or the University of Waterloo.

Function Executable Last update
Watershed model    
Download the model executables by agreeing to accept the Disclaimers above
To get CHARM x & d respectively:
I agree & accept    
Dec. 04, 2020
CHARM64d I agree & Accept Dec. 04, 2020
dll's Mar. 17, 2018
Utilities (WATFLOOD Manual) manual Feb. 20, 2018
.map to _shd.r2c converter BSN64X.ZIP   BSN64D.ZIP Dec. 04, 2020
Snow course distribution SNW64.ZIP Dec. 04, 2018
Soil Moisture distribution Apr. 1,2018
Precipitation distribution Aug. 28, 2018
Temperature distribution Aug. 28, 2018
Daily Temperature Differences Oct. 20, 2018
Disaggredation of r2c files Dec. 04, 2020
Event file generator Dec. 04, 2020
Dynamically Dimensioned Search - DDS  
WATFLOOD-DDS coupler   Aug. 28, 2018
Statistical analysis Oct. 25/11
Model setup & Env. Can. data conversion Utilities_Manual.pdf Feb. 23, 2018
Selecting CCC climate stations select  Nov. 03, 2019
Convert CCC climate data to tb0 format ECmet Nov. 03, 2019
Convert WSC HYDAT flow data to tb0 format ECflw Nov. 11, 2019
Convert WSC HYDAT flow data to tb0 format ECrel Aug. 28, 2018
Convert WSC HYDAT level data to tb0 format EClvl Nov. 11, 2019
Convert WSC hourly provisional flows to tb0 format ECprvl Dec. 22, 2018
Disaggredation of Gridded Precipitation   NEW Apr. 11, 2018
Forecasting Flow_Forecasting_Manual.pdf Sept. 17, 2018
Create bat files for downloading CaPA, Regl & Glb forecasts & WSC provisional flows run_daily  Oct. 20, 2018
Convert CMC Regl. forecast to watershed r2c format Oct. 20, 2018
Convert CMC glb. forecast to watershed r2c format Oct. 20, 2018
Convert WSC downloaded provisional flows to tb0 format Dec. 22, 2018
File conversion - old to new formats TRNS.ZIP Feb. 27/07
  FLI.ZIP  (not supported) Sept. 13/13
  RTE.ZIP (not supported) Mar. 11/09
Please see the WATFLOOD, Utilities and Flood Forecasting Manuals for detailed descriptions of these programs

Demo data sets
A simple small watershed: Grand River, ON.
This data should be placed in the \spl\gr10k directory and can be used to check the proper operation of the model. The SPLnn programs will run this demonstration copy.
(Last updated Aug. 16/12)

A complete set of files to start from scratch with instructions: The Sapochi River from the BOREAS project. workshop_sapochi.pdf

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