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What can WATFLOOD do?

WATFLOOD is a distributed hydrological model suitable for both flood forecasting and streamflow modeling.  For more information, visit the Watflood features page.

Can you give me some hints for optimizing the parameters?? optimization.doc

How can I run the wetland (or bank storage) module? wetlands.doc

How can I get direct runoff and/or recharge values? runoff/recharge.doc

I'm confused about the header on the file. Just how many lines are needed in the first section showing Coordsys, Datum and Zone? Acceptable header formats for BSN

How do I specify reach numbers for lake/reservoir routing or output for DWOPER? Routing_reach_number.doc

How do I specify the storage-discharge curves for lake routing (natural or non-operated outlets) Reservoir_release_file.doc

How can I shift the meteorological data? Gridshft.doc

How do I specify the contents of the WATFLOOD.WFO file for ENSIM-HYDROLOGIC? Files_for_ENSIM.doc

How can I use stage data instead of flow data as input in the streamflow file? Stagedis.doc

How can I disaggregate data (i.e. distribute daily precipitation over the whole day or part of  day)? Smear.doc

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