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PROJECTS  (current)

Mackenzie River Basin Board
Implementation of WATFLOOD for augmenting gauged flows with modelled flows for ungauged areas for flow forecasting and watershed studies.
The report and all data files are public domain and may be downloaded and used for research and educational purposes. The use of the data for commercial or operational purposes is expressly forbidden except by the membership of the Mackenzie River Basin Board (MRBB). All disclaimers for the use of the WATFLOOD model as stated on the 'downloads' page apply.

Final report
The final report on the setup and use of the WATFLOOD model for the Mackenzie River Basin (MRB).

The following 2 links are a PPT presentation in pdf format with some information about the WATFLOOD model and the setup for the MRB.    June 4/16
MRBB_workshop_WATFLOOD_1_MODEL.pdf    6.2Mb 
MRBB_workshop_WATFLOOD_2_MRB_setup.pdf   9.0 Mb

MRB data files - the whole MRB and the Smoky River sub-basin   185 Mb  June 4/16  26.5 Mb  June 4/16

A hands-on step-by-step on how to execute the WATFLOOD  MRB model   MRBB-Workshop-Hands_on.pdf  0.2 Mb  Updated Nov. 2/16

Manitoba Hydro:
Climate change impacts on the Nelson River including the Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Red, Churchill & Assiniboine rivers.

Ontario Power Generation
In collaboration separately with NRC and 4DM, Prototyping flow forecasting based on real-time numerical weather forecasts

Lake of the Woods Control Board
Flow forecasting based on real-time numerical weather forecasts

Environment Canada
Great Lakes - numerical weather model & WATFLOOD/WATROUTE coupling

Recent WATFLOOD applications:

BC Hydro: model inter-comparison studies

UBC: Prototyping flow forecasting with numerical weather forecasts with WATFLOOD and other models.

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources -  Prototyping flow forecasting with numerical weather forecasts