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  • 2005, Ph.D. in Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering
    • Reactive Contaminant Transport Modeling using Analytic Element Flow Solutions (Dissertation) (full document )
  • 1999, B.S. in Civil Engineering
Awards / Fellowships / Scholarships
  • UW Engineering Society Teaching Excellence Award (2018)
    • Student-nominated award for contributions to student academic success in UW engineering
  • Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Hydrologic Modelling and Analysis (2016)
    • Awarded to emerging high-quality Canadian scholars by NSERC
  • University of Waterloo Outstanding Performance Award (2016)
    • For outstanding contributions in teaching and scholarship
  • University of Waterloo Faculty of Engineering/Sandford Fleming Foundation Teaching Excellence Award (2014)
    • In recognition of an exemplary record of outstanding teaching and commitment to the enrichment of engineering education
  • University of Waterloo Faculty of Engineering Distinguished Performance Award (2012)
    • Awarded for outstanding contributions in teaching, scholarship and service.
  • Early Researcher Award (2011)
    • Awarded by the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation to promising researchers in the first five years of their academic career.
  • Advanced Graduate Certificate: Concentration in Geographic Information Science (2005)
    • Certification administered by the SUNY at Buffalo Department of Geography for completion of coursework related to geographic information science.
  • IGERT (Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training) Fellowship in the field of Geographic Information Science (1999 - 2004)
    • Supported by NSF IGERT grant DGE-9870668 underneath the supervision of SUNY Buffalo's NCGIA (National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis)
  • CSEE Chair's Recognition Award (2004)
    • For high scholastic achievement and dedication to the Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering department of the University at Buffalo
  • Don Rennie Memorial award for outstanding Presentation (Environmental Modeling) (2002)
    • For presentation at the 12th annual Great Lakes Research Consortium Student/Faculty Conference. Sponsored by the New York Sea Grant Institute