Raven Hydrological Modelling Framework


A flexible open source hydrological modelling framework, designed for application to challenging hydrological problems in academia and practice. Supports an extensive library of algorithms for representing all components of the water cycle and rigourous representation of reservoirs, lakes, and managed systems. (authors: Craig, J.R. and the Raven Development Team)
Visual AEM

Visual AEM

A Windows-based user interface for analytic element modeling of groundwater flow and analytical/numerical modeling of vertically-averaged contaminant transport. Supports various mapping and analysis tools for source water assessment, remediation design, and water supply management, including tools for particle tracking and model calibration. (authors: Craig, J.R. and L.S. Matott)


A general particle tracking tool for arbitrary cell geometries with Modflow-USG, including nested grids, quadpatch grids, quadtree grids, and Voronoi tesselations. (Developed by S.S. Papadopulous and Associates, with Chris Muffels, Muhammad Ramadhan, Xiaomin Wang, Matthew Tonkin, and Chris Neville). The Waterloo algorithm developed by M. Ramadhan in-house.