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EasyPlan   For General and Trade Contractors  


Integrated Spreadsheet System for Estimating, Scheduling, Cost Optimization, & Project Control

New  now with Repetitive Scheduling Features






EasyPlan is a simple and powerful spreadsheet program for efficient management of individual projects. EasyPlan is helpful in organizing your resources, generating optional estimates, scheduling, cash flow analysis, project control, and cost optimization. EasyPlan is based on Microsoft Excel, very easy-to-use, and has import and export features to other project management software (Microsoft Project). Most unique features include Site Layout Optimization, Analysis of the bidding behavior of Competitors, and Dynamic Delay Analysis. You may download an overview animation, and a sample case study of what EasyPlan can do, from the link under EasyPlan.


Unique Features not found in any other commercial system:




Detailed estimating (3 estimates/activity)

Scheduling & resource allocation

Cost optimization to meet deadline

New bar chart representation

Cash flow analysis

Competitor Analysis & Markup Estimation

Site layout optimization

Extensive charts and reports (bid)

Earned-Value progress control

Detailed delay analysis using Daily Windows

Now with repetitive scheduling features (link to BAL program)

ON-LINE training; download projects, solve, & check your score

Now... Unique Repetitive Scheduling feature



Activity relations limited to finish-to-start

Projects limited to 200 working days because of Excel limited columns

Limit of 3 predecessors and 3 successors per activity (suitable for most projects)