Vizpector Technologies Inc.

Vizpector Technologies Inc. is a University of Waterloo Spinoff company that disseminates the advanced R&D Asset Management research by Professor Tarek Hegazy.



1. Vizpector Device: Our Unique Inspection Device

ViZpector is a data collection tool that uses a visual approach to facilitate timely and accurate recording of inspection data on digital floor plans. It uses a simple-to-use hand-held device that effortlessly completes the inspection and data entry on site. It allows full and on the spot picture taking and annotation using a built-in camera, voice recording, voice recognition, hand-written notes, easy on-screen marking of problem areas on digital floor plans, and hand-writing recognition. In addition, it has a built-in visual guidance (picture database of components at various condition states) during inspection. With its intuitive interface and the accompanied training mechanism for the inspectors, the ViZpector offers a methodology that eliminates the serious gap between data collection and data entry, ensures consistency, reduces subjectivity in the assessment, and effortlessly synchronizes all data with the central database immediately after completing the onsite inspection.

 Our MOST-FIT Patented Technologies:

-     A procedure (called FIT) for using the reactive service calls data from the TDSB CMMS system (a sample data of 88 TDSB schools was used to develop this procedure) to predict the condition and plan inspections, thus avoiding the indiscriminate surveys; and 

-    An optimization procedure (called MOST) for selecting repair and renewal candidates for funding that returns much higher return from the renewal dollars than simple ranking based on priority.

 In a pilot study on a sample of five schools carried out at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), which is the largest school board in Canada, the Vizpector inspection system reported 25%-50% savings in inspection effort. The optimization was also capable of handling more than 3,000 components simultaneously on desktop computers, and achieved cost saving (or improved asset performance using same budget) of at least 20%, as compared to the typical ranking method used in competing systems.


































2. Vizpector's Asset Management System


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Vizpector Inc. offers two main types of products to help you with your Asset & Project Management needs: