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EasyPlan Project Management System

Educational Version (Now with repetitive scheduling features)  


(c)  Dr. Tarek Hegazy, 2002-2024



Unique Features:

Detailed estimating (3 estimates/activity)

Scheduling & resource allocation

Cost optimization to meet deadline

New bar chart representation

Cash flow analysis

Competitor Analysis & Markup Estimation

Site layout optimization

Extensive charts and reports (bid)

Earned-Value progress control

Detailed delay analysis using Daily Windows

Now with repetitive scheduling features

ON-LINE training; download projects, solve, & check your score

Now... Unique Repetitive Scheduling feature




- Download  and unzip one of the following two versions.

- Double click on the EXE file to expand its contents into a separate directory of your choice.

- Following the instructions that will appear on the screen.

- Read the Tutorial-Manual for a quick guide on using EasyPlan.

- To work on EasyPlan, activate the EasyPlan Excel file and rename it using the "SAVE-AS" feature.

   Always save your new projects into EasyPlan's installation directory.




Important: Before using EasyPlan, set the Macro Security of Excel to LOW, as follows:





  Download link EasyPlan-DEMO  (Updated Jan., 2024)


   Now with a full tutorial manual. Also, with a Microsoft Project speed optimizer.




Other Downloads


Download any exercise, solve it using EasyPlan. On some of these exercises, use EasyPlan to check your solution score.


Project1              Project2              Project3              Project4


Project5              Project6              Project7              Project8


Project9 (Repetitive)



Activity relations limited to finish-to-start

Limit of 3 predecessors and 3 successors per activity (suitable for most projects)

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