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BAL For Municipalities, Contractors, & Asset Management Companies 



Software for Planning Large Construction & Maintenance

Programs with Multiple Infrastructure Assets



Now, a new version to manage a combination of in-house force, out-tasking, and outsourcing.



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BAL ...for managing large construction / maintenance / repair programs in so many locations in so Little time and with so low budget?

BAL is a powerful program for project management of large projects with repetitive multi-site operations. BAL provides efficient resource planning and cost optimization in large infrastructure networks (both construction and/or maintenance) including buildings, highways, and Water/Sewer networks. The program organizes information about various resources and construction methods and determines the detailed work schedule that satisfies time, cost, and resource constraints. The schedule synchronizes the work of available crews and optimizes their routing among the various sites, considering local productivity conditions at the various work sites. The program incorporates advanced features such as  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) link and PDA (Pilot organizers) link to facilitate progress reporting.

With BAL you can:


- Deliver cost effective municipal services

- Examine in-house delivery versus contracting

- supplement your Asset Management Systems

- Do more for less & reduce deferred maintenance

- Simulate actual execution & perform uncertainty analysis

- Customoize all aspects of BAL to your organizational needs



For overview animation, evaluation version , and literature, click on: Downloads



BAL: Brochure


How BAL Works:


You Need BAL When:

- You administer large repair / maintenance programs with multi-sites e.g., buildings, highways, etc.;- Your organization uses n-house crews or a combination of in-house crews and contractors;

- You need to select the proper construction methods that meet deadline, budget, and resource limits;

- You need to consider the variability of work conditions among the various sites; and

- You are willing to invest in raising the project management skills of your project managers.


The main components of BAL are shown in the following illustration. B A L program incorporates advanced features such as Geographic Information System (GIS). B A L attempts to maintain the continuity of work for each crew, moving from one site to another without idle time so that to finish the project at the minimum possible cost, given a target project duration. 




The main capabilities of BAL are:


- Balances the crews/contractors that work in distributed sites;

- Accounts for non-standard sites and optional construction methods;

- Integrates with a GIS system and considers the cost of moving crews among sites;

- Considers for the varying work conditions at the different sites;

- Considers project deadline and resource limits in the optimization; and

- Improves schedule presentation with color- coded crews.


BAL Implementation & Pricing:


B A L program is not an off-the-shelf software. Rather, it is a customizable system that needs to be catered to your specific needs. BAL implementation includes details related to entering all your facilities and their special work conditions into BAL's database of facilities; then defining your business delivery process of repair/construction programs including in-house resources or outsourced contractors; then linking BAL to your existing Asset Management System; training one or two of your personnel; and experimenting with an actual program to refine the system. The full implementation process can take from one to three months, depending on your size and the amount of details to input into BAL. Pricing is determined according to the number of features you need (e.g., Palm Pilot link is an additional component) and the implementation effort needed. After BAL implementation, OPTEAM Inc. provide full range of support and project management services to help you use the system to the fullest. OPTEAM Inc. can also help you with developing Asset Management system that is fully integrated with BAL.


For overview animation, evaluation version , and literature, click on: Downloads