About Us

Welcome to our research page at the University of Waterloo! Here you’ll find information about the members of our team, various research projects we are working on or have executed in the past, a description of our facilities, and media articles where our research has been featured. We try to update this site with new information at least annually, so if you would like to know more about any of our specific current activities please feel free to email the team members working on the topic. Our research is supported by various federal, provincial and industrial partners, including NSERC (Discovery, industrial partnerships and Canada Research Chairs programs), CFI and OCE.

The main goal of our research is to better understand the condition of operational civil and mechanical infrastructure using sensors and data. In pursuit of this objective, we are working on the development of sensor systems which can measure the state of infrastructure non-destructively and the analytical and algorithmic tools necessary to process and interpret actionable information from such data. In terms of specific projects, amongst others, you will find here information regarding the ground-based robots we have developed which can enable a wide range of inspection related tasks for civil infrastructure, a novel IoT inspired leak detection system for water distribution networks and signal processing algorithms to enable condition assessment of rotating machinery and bridges using vibration data.

Note to prospective graduate students: Please use this form to contact us about joining our group.