Major Facilities

Main SDIC Laboratory

Lab Overview 1
Lab Overview 2
The main SDIC lab is located in Engineering 2, room 2342, and serves many functions for the research group. The five computer work stations are equipped with powerful computers created for tasks such as training deep neural networks and image processing. The remaining counter space is frequently used to create hardware for the robotic inspection and leak detection projects. A meeting area complete with whiteboards, television, camera, and microphone is used to facilitate collaboration with industry and research partners. This lab is also the primary storage location for most of the lab equipment shown below.

Hydraulics Laboratory

Hydraulics Lab 1
Hydraulics Lab 2
A significant section of the University of Waterloo Hydraulics Lab is reserved for the automated leak detection project. This lab contains a simulated city water pipe network, complete with fire hydrants rigged with sensors for detecting changes in the system. Leak scenarios can be simulated using this network to investigate what information the hydrant sensors can provide, and to collect data for training deep neural networks to automatically detect leaks in the system.



We currently have two unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) including a Clearpath Husky and Clearpath Jackal. Thanks to collaborations with the TRAILab, the RoboHub, and Dr. Bill Annable, we also have access to a large fleet of robots and robotic facilities including various unmanned aerial vehicles, an unmanned surface vessel (own by Dr. Annable - see below), humanoid robots, and a Vicon motion capture system.
Clearpath Husky UGV
Clearpath Jackal UGV
King Fisher
Clearpath King Fisher USV

Robotics Equipment

mandala mapping kit Mandala Mapping Kit
swiftnav Swift Navigation Piksi-Multi RTK GPS
lidar Velodyne Lidar (VLP-16)

kinect Microsoft Kinect RGB-D Cameras
MTi-30 Xsens IMU (MTi 20 and 30)
UM7 Redshift Labs IMU (UM7)

Research Cameras

BlackFly Flir BlackFly S Machine Vision Cameras
Flir ADK
Flir ADK Infrared Camera
Ladybug Flir Ladybug5+ spherical camera

ximea Ximea XiQ Camera
flir Flir Vue Pro Thermal Camera
high speed cameras JAI SP-12000 High Speed Cameras

Wathydra Leak Detection

Wathydra Main Board Main Ciruit Board
Wathydra Moonboard Moon Board
Moonboard with Hydrophone and Pressure Sensor Moon Board with Hydrophone and Pressure Sensor

Dynamics Actuators

Uniaxial Shake Table Uniaxial Shake Table (Located in Structures Lab)
Lab Linear Shake Table and Strong Floor Linear Actuator and Strong Floor
Seismic Actuator
APS dynamics Seismic Actuator

Data Acquisition Tools

LMS SCADAS Mobile Siemens LMS SCADAS Mobile
National Instruments C-RIO National Instruments CompactRIO

PDV 100 Polytec Portable Digital Vibrometer
Accelerometers Accelerometers
Seismic Accelerometers Seismic Accelerometers