Environmental Modelling & Analysis Group


   Prospective Masters, Doctoral, and Post-doc Students

The environmental modelling and analysis group is always searching for highly qualified graduate students and post-docs with an interest in the development, application, and analysis of environmental models.

Individual professors may have detailed descriptions of current projects with funding available. For a brief overview of projects, click here. The group is also receptive to bright students who bring their own ideas with them - if you have a topic you are interested in and would like to work with a specific faculty member, contact them directly.

Graduate students in the engineering faculty earn the standard NSERC rates. Graduate research assistantships are currently valued at (without teaching):
  • $16,950 per year (MASc)
  • $19,569 per year (PhD)
Additional funding is available through teaching assistantships ($4560/term)

Students who have applied for, or hold, NSERC/OGS scholarships, or NSERC post-doctoral fellowships are encouraged to inquire anytime about research opportunities. If you hold a NSERC or an OGS scholarship you will automatically receive the University of Waterloo President's Graduate Scholarship valued at $10,000/year.

 Please contact any of the group faculty if you are interested.