Environmental Modelling & Analysis Group


Bill Annable
  • River restoration and rehabilitation
  • Numerical and field studies of groundwater- surface water interaction
  • Field and numerical modeling studies of urban river mechanics
Don Burn
  • Extreme event hydrology
  • Statistical methods for evaluating hydrologic events
  • Impacts of climate change on hydrologic variables and water resource systems

James Craig
  • Hydrologic modelling and analysis
  • Numerical and semi-analytical environmental simulation methods
  • Regional groundwater and surface water flow modelling
  • Reactive subsurface contaminant transport
Bruce MacVicar

  • Ecohydraulics & river process mechanics
  • Hydrodynamics and sediment transport
  • Fluvial geomorphology
  • Discrete particle modelling
Stefano Normani
  • Numerical modelling and visualization
  • Contaminant fate and transport in porous and fractured media
Rebecca Saari

  • Air quality impacts and benefits under energy and climate policy
  • Health impacts of air pollution under future climate
  • Environmental inequality
Neil Thomson
  • Contaminant fate, transport and remediation in subsurface systems
  • Abiotic remediation technologies
  • Agricultural loading to groundwater
Bryan Tolson
  • Heuristic optimization methods for calibration of environmental models
  • Watershed-scale nutrient modelling
  • Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis techniques

    Emeritus Faculty

Nick Kouwen
  • Distributed surface water modelling
  • Flood forecasting and analysis
  • Vegetation in channels, flood resistance in natural and engineered channels
Jon Sykes
  • Site characterization for nuclear waste disposal
  • Forensic analysis of contaminated sites
  • Multi-phase physics modelling
  • Watershed-scale modelling
  • Impact of climate change on groundwater