OPTEAM Inc. disseminates the R&D results of the Construction Group at the University of Waterloo in Canada, led by prof. Tarek Hegazy, to the Facilities Management and Project Management industries.

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Opteam offers two main types of GIS-baed products to help you with your Asset Management & Project Management needs:

1. EasyAsset software solution for infrastructure inspection (buildings, roads, and water/sewer networks) and the optimization of capital renewal plans.

 2.  EasyPlan software solution for automated progress tracking and project management of construction projects using voice and email technologies.








Software for infrastructure inspection and capital renewal planning


Helping Your Assets Live Longer and Healthier


Visual Inspection: Visual inspection plays a crucial role in knowing the present condition of our assets to facilitate investment decisions related to capital renewal and replacement. Existing commercial systems for visual inspections are very expensive, time-consuming, and require large effort both on site and later in office to transfer the data to a central database. Through collaboration with the University of Waterloo, we have developed a comprehensive inspection system that saves more than 50% of the time and effort needed for inspections and completes all the work on site. It offers a full range of functions to improve performance during on-site inspections. Our inspection system uses a patented technology that was developed in collaboration with the University of Waterloo, Canada. A summary of the unique features and the multiple benefits of this technology that does not exist in other systems include: 

1.   Used on handheld tablets.

2.    Very easy to use through well designed user interface and screens that do not require any prior experience in dealing with computers.

3.   Easy to document the spots that has defects by marking with the pen directly on the related drawings contained in the device.

4.   Possibility of modifying and introducing custom inspection surveys to suit the type of asset or type of inspection (safety, sustainability, energy use, etc.).

5.   Seamless transfer of the inspection data automatically from the site to the office.

6.   Taking all photos directly from the tablet and linking them to the component or asset being inspected.

7.   Possibility of linking systems with a GIS system to view site locations.

8.   Possibility of linking with other asset management systems as Maximo or VFA.

9. Possibilities of linking with fund optimization plans (see next section) to determine the optimal plans for the allocating a limited budget among various renovation tasks.

10. Produces many reports showing the results of inspection, cost estimate, and the estimated duration of execution of the work.

11. Possibility of linking with programs for project management and progress tracking (e.g., the EasyPlan system explained later) to follow up on the execution of the work and to report any deviations from the plan.

12. Achieves 30% to 50% saving of the inspection time and effort, and high accuracy.


Optimization Program for Asset Rehabilitation Plans: Our fund allocation program specializes in helping identify the best options for capital renewal, the priorities for actions, and the multi-year plan for the assets that will yield the best return on the limited budget. Our research confirmed that this patented program saves from 10% to 30% more than existing methods for fund allocation, especially in the case of thousands of assets at the same time. Among the important characteristics of this program that do not exist in any other program is the ability to analyze various alternative funding levels to maximize the return on investment. Because the funds are usually in the millions of dollars, this program has the ability to achieve significant cost savings and/or increase the efficiency of utilizing the same funds to do more actions.


EasyAsset's Patented  MOST-FIT Technologies:

-     A procedure (called FIT) for using the reactive service calls data from the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) CMMS system (a sample data of 88 TDSB schools was used to develop this procedure) to predict the condition and plan inspections, thus avoiding the indiscriminate surveys; and 

-    An optimization procedure (called MOST) for selecting repair and renewal candidates for funding that returns much higher return from the renewal dollars than simple ranking based on priority.

 In a pilot study on a sample of five schools carried out at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), which is the largest school board in Canada, our inspection system reported 25%-50% savings in inspection effort. The optimization was also capable of handling thousands of components simultaneously on desktop computers, and achieved cost saving (or improved asset performance using same budget) of at least 20%, as compared to the typical ranking method used in competing systems.






software for construction project management and progress follow-up using voice and email tools



Delivering Projects On Time and On Budget



EasyPlan program is the latest software for the management of all construction works and can assist construction managers in decision-making through the utilization of modern technologies for daily progress follow up and accurate timely documentation of the work done and any barriers to work continuation. This program is distinguished by its ability to follow-up on projects from site officials automatically using voice and email tools of smart phones and tablets. This technology sends progress requests to site people through email or phone, records the answers, and updates the construction schedule automatically even at remote locations. This keeps all project parties updated with recent progress and any potential problems so they can be avoided quickly and effectively. This is in addition to the programís distinct feature of determining the optimal corrective action plan during execution to avoid exceeding the planned project cost or time. A summary of the unique features and benefits of this technology that do not exist in other systems include:

 1.    Very easy to use through well designed user interface and screens.

2.     Ability to handle multiple projects at the same time in a visual system of maps (GIS) to compare the progress among various projects.

3.    Automatic initiation of progress follow up phone calls or emails to site personnel.

4.    Automatic updating of the as-built schedule immediately upon receiving the answer to the call, or email from site personnel. This avoids progress documentation errors and gives a fast accurate picture of the position of the project to all parties.

5.    Ability to document all progress-related photos directly from the mobile phone and linking them to the email progress report to directly update the schedule.

6.    Ability to be linked with other modules for estimating time and cost of extra work.

7.    Provides many reports about the work progress, expected increase in project time or cost, responsibility of any breakdowns, as well as detailed reports on each item, every contractor, and each crews, with a single click.

8.    Ability to be linked with other project management software such as Microsoft Project.

9.    Saves from 30% to 50% of the time and effort usually spent on progress follow-up, with high accuracy and the full documentation.

10. Ability to do an automatic survey among workers to identify their impression about various work conditions in terms of safety, ergonomics, and motivation.




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