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Current Research Projects


Nano-Metal Catalysts for ISCO

In this work, we investigate the usefulness and applicability of using nano-metal particles (e.g., nano-zero valent iron particles) as catalysts for some oxidants (e.g., persulfate, hydrogen peroxide, and peroxymonosulfate) in ISCO systems to treat organic contaminants.


The figure below shows that TCE treatment by nZVI catalysed persulfate is more promising than using either granular ZVI or  Fe(II). The nZVI catalytic persulfate system is also effective with other types of organic contaminants such as Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) (gasoline additive), naphthalene (petroleum by-product), and chloro-benzene (used in pesticides manufacturing process). In addition, we are investigating the movement of nano-metal catalysts through several types of geological materials using sand-packed columns.