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Building Products and Systems

Building Products and General Information
Joe Lstiburek Building Science Corp = Smart Housing!
Whole Building Design Guide
Dryvit Home Page
Elite Cement
Gemite Products Inc. - Home Page
Sto Corp
Lime National Orginization
Lime - hydraulic
All About Stucco.Com
EIFS Legal Network - Online EIFS Resource
Pleko EIFS
Liner Rolpanit!
Metal Roofing and Cladding
VICWEST Metal Systems
UnaClad Metal Roofing
Petersen Metal Roofing
Metal Roofing Alliance Roofing, Waterproofing, and Dampproofing Products
Sivento Silanes
Tnemec Coatings home page
Tremco Sealant-Weatherproofing Division
Sika Canada Inc
Polycoat Products
Kryton Group of Companies
AEC InfoCenter - Architects, Engineers, Contractors
Building Books
The Residential Energy Efficiency Database
Oikos - Green Building Source
Grace Construction Products
Masterbuilders Online
CETCO Bentonite Waterproofing
American Fiberboard Association Home Page
Homasote Company - Manufacturer of building products
Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS)
PENTSTAR Insulated Masonry Walls
Thermasteel Corporation
Glasslinks - Your Link To The Glass Industry
Heat Pipe Technology, Inc.
ChemRex Home Page
Masonry Reinforcing Corporation of America
Genius Air Conditioning -- free residential building cost calculator
About Steel Framing Alliance
Shelter Supply
Stadler Viega
Johns Manville Home Page
Dense Pack Celluose

Windows and Glass Curtain Walls
AFG Industries, Inc., Flat Glass Manufacturer
Southwall Technologies Super Windows and Films
High performance Glazing Units- Ontario Supplier
Inline Fiberglass Energy Efficient Windows
Accurate Dorwin - Fibreglass Windows
Nowak Glas Super Glazings
Windows Consumer's Guide
The Efficient Window Collaborative Website
Visionwall Corporation... High Performance Window and Curtain Wall Systems
St. Gobain Glass N.A. Homepage!
EdgeTech Superspacers
PPG Architectural Glass
Kalwall - Aluminum - Curtain Walls - Skylights - Architectural
InKan Limited Speciality Glass and fittings
Fulton Windows and Curtainwalls
Repco Windows

Green Buildings
Oasis Design-Greywater, Ecological systems design consulting
Clivus Multrum Composting Toilets
Greywater irrigation - grey waste treatment
Ecologically Sustainable Development
Environmental Building News
EcoDesign Resource Society
Rocky Mountain Institute
Green Building Information Council - HomePage
Earth Materials-Sustainable Building Sourcebook
Reneweable Resource Data Center
The Environmental Design Collaborative
Jade Mountain Mail Order
ecoNomad - Power Water Heat Anywhere
Architects - Designers - Planners for Social Responsibility of Northern California (ADPSR Nor Cal)
The Environment Site
Develoment Center for Appropriate Technology (DCAT)
The David Suzuki Foundation
Santa Monica Green Building Design
Monodraught Windcatcher
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Climate Change News and Actions by SafeClimate

HUVCO, LLC - Proactive Energy Solutions - Top Quality Radiators For Any Location
Venmar ventilation
Munters - The Humidity Expert
Bry-Air Desiccant Dehumidifiers
Wirsbo Company
Dectron Group
Nautica Dehumid
Kathabar Inc.
Heat Pipe Technology, Inc.
Eden Energy Equipment
Genius Air Conditioning
PoolPak Dehumidification
Liebert Corporation
Greenheck - The Leading Manufacturer of Air Moving Equipment
Greenheck - HRV, ERV Commerical
Des Champs Laboratories Inc.
Nautica Dehumidifiers
Desert Aire Dehumidification
DryKor - Dehumidification and cooling
SG America - Dehumidification and Cooling
Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS)
Stadler Viega Radiant Wood Floor Heating
Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers
United CoolAir Corporation
DRI-PAC Swimming Pool Environmental Control

Energy and Alternatives

Solar Energy
Solarwall - Conserval Engineering
Solar Energy Industries Association - SEIA
Enerworks Solar Hot water appliance

Wind Energy
Wind Energy (

Wood Heating
Masonary Stone Builders
Rumford Fireplaces
Temp-Cast Enviroheat - Masonry Heaters
Masonry Heating Association
Masonry Heaters

Miscellaneous Energy Alternatives
Biodiesel veggie van
Biodiesel Fuel Web Site
MEC Check
Energy Design Tools
Resources on Energy
Home Power Magazine
The Residential Energy Efficiency Database
Howard Associates - Building Environmental Science & Technology
Energy Efficiency - Key to Sustainable Energy Use
Tubular Skylight, Inc.
DOE Energy and Resource Efficiency - Buildings
Advanced Energy Partners for Successful Change
ACEEE American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, ACEEE
The Sustainable Energy Coalition
CREEDAC Residential Energy End Use Stats

Different Types of Building Systems
Future Builders of America
Finn-Log Homes International Ltd.
The Enertia Building System Kit
Vanderpol - Wall Panels
Advanced Building Technologies
E-Crete-Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

Alternative Buildings
Emagazine - Affordable by Design
About the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems
Earthshelter buildings
DCAT home
Earthship Global WebSite
The Homestead Online
Sustainable Architecture, Building and Culture
The Natural Builder
Natural Building
EarthShelter - Cordwood and Underground
Earth Architecture Center International, Ltd. - Adobe Education
FRP Composites industry
InfraComp Structural Panel System by Infrastructure Composites
Advanced Composites News Information Data
Center for Advanced Composites Univ of Florida
Advanced Composites
Fiberglass Shelters & Domed Buildings

Building Organizations

EEBA : The Energy Efficient Building Association
Canadian General Standards Board
Florida Solar Energy Center
APA, The Engineered Wood Association
Advanced Energy Partners for Successful Change
WBDG - Whole Building Design Guide
Keen HVAC Engineering Co. Ltd.
Canadian Home Builders' Association
Forest Products Laboratory
Joe Lstiburek Building Science Corp

Building Research Institutes
SP - Energiteknik
Air Infiltration & Ventilation Center
BEP Home Page
NIST - Cement, Concrete and Advanced Building Materials
NIST - Building and Fire Research Laboratory
Lawence Berkeley Labs - Center for Building Science
CSIRO - Building Construction and Engineering
KU Leuven -Laboratory of Building Physics
VTT BPh research
TNO Building and Construction Research Home Page
Ashrae Web Site
Branz Information Resource
Building Science, Lund University
Building Envelope Research Laboratory at Missouri-Rolla
NREL Center for Buildings and Thermal Systems
Institute for Research in Construction - HOMEPAGE
Institut für Fenstertechnik Rosenheim
Virginia Tech Building Construction Management
Carnegie Mellon Building Performance

Durisol and ICF's
Durisol -- The original and natrual insulated concrete form
Reddi-form - The Stay in Place Insulated Wall Forming System
Southeast Distributor Bluemaxx Wall System
Styroform Building Blocks.
PolySteel of Oklahoma Insulating Concrete Forms
ICE Block Home Page
Hebel USA
Ytong AAC - USA
Herculete Fiber Reinforced Cellular Concrete
Tectum Home Page
Portland Cement Association Homepage
Concrete Homes
International Inorganic - Bonded Wood and Fiber Composite Materials Conference
PENTSTAR Corporation
Fleming Mfg. - Mobile Block Plant
Plekote High build EIFS
Beton Bois
Bisotherm GmbH - Das Unternehmen
Durisol SK

Healthy Housing
Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)
The Healthy House Institute Home Page
EPA's Indoor Air Quality Home Page
Indoor Air Quality Basics for Schools
Biological Pollutants in Your home
A Guide to Indoor Air Quality
Indoor Air Quality, Healthy Buildings, and Breathing Walls
American Lung Association of Virginia
EPA Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings
Cleveland Outbreak hospital
Dr. Fungus
California Indoor Air Quality Program
Asthma Moms
Indoor Fungi Resources - Univ Minnesota
Indoor Air Risk Management

Research Equipment
Delmhorst Instrument Co.
Campbell Scientific Inc.
Onset Computer data loggers
Compact precision data loggers
Cincinnati Sub Zero - environmental test chambers
The Science Company
Weather Stations
Fenwal Resistance - Temperature Conversion Table
Electronic Temperature Dataloggers
National Instruments - Computer-Based Measurement and Automation
dataTaker - data logging and data acquisition systems
Advanced Automation Technologies
Climate Chambers Precise Humidity Control
Envirotronics environmental test chambers
Drive-In Environmental Test Chambers
DANKOMPRESSOR Adsorption Dryers
Dessicant Rotors International
Kleen Kuip Supply Mart
ATEC Products
Numeritek Computer Modelling
Gescan - Electrical Distributor Home Page
Decagon Devices Water Activity and Biophysical Instrumentation
Harris Environmental Dry Rooms
DryKor - Dry Conditioning
Dri-Air Dryers Industries
Digital Desiccant Controller
LogBook Stand-Alone Intelligent PC-Based Data Acquisition Systems
Solinst Groundwater and Surface Water Instruments
Gilson Company, Inc.
World Radiation Data Centre

Building Science
Building Science at Berkely
Building Science Corporation Lstiburek
Center for Architecture and Building Sciences Research at NJIT
Department of Arch and Building Science at Strathclyde
Battle McCarthy Engineers
CurtainWall Analysis, Inc.
EnergyPlus, A New Generation Building Energy Simulation Program
Online Building Performance
Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS)
Trane Latent vs. Sensible Peak Loads
Building Performance Group
Radiant Barrier Fact Sheet
Introduction to Water
Tang G. Lee's Web Page
H2O - The Chemistry of Water Structure
State of Mass Energy
Canadian Building Digest
Wood Durability
PRISM Climate Mapping Project
Cambridge Architectural Research Limited
WINDTECH Consultants
VTT Information Service
Construction Engineering Research Laboratory Publications
EIFS Photos
Simulating Small Water Clusters
Curricular Resources in Chemistry
Ken Jordan's Theoretical Chemistry Group
Molecular Model for an Ideal Gas
Multimedia Extravaganza

Battle McCarthy Consulting Engineers and Landscape Architects
Double Facade Research
Double Facade Student Project
Types of Curtainwall
Smart Architecture
Coldham Architects Home Page
Gender and Space
Indian Ruins of the Southwest
Portal Ltd
School of Architecture, McGill University
The Not So Big House
DanSmith Architects
One World Design
Common Sense Design
VAN DER RYN Architects
Revit Technology Corporation
Virginia Tech Homepage
Bad Human Factors Designs
Interface Hall of Shame
Siegel and Strain Architects
William A. McDonough, FAIA

Straw Bale Housing
Method for thermal analysis of Bales
Straw Bale Building Technology
Canelo Project
Surfin' StrawBale!e
The Last Straw Journal
DSA Architects Strawbale
Straw Bale Homes
CREST - Straw Bale Construction
BTS House of Straw
Skillful Means straw-bale construction

Moisture Problems
The Sound Home Consultant
The reaction of wood to moisture
Moisture in air
Sears - Solving Exterior Paint Problems
Stress, strain and Craquelure