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Dr. Normani is an expert in computational hydrogeology, specializing in the analysis and simulation of local to regional-scale groundwater systems. He works at the forefront of research into the development and application of computer models for analyzing the sustainability of groundwater resources, contaminant fate and transport, nuclear waste isolation, and climate change impacts. He has been collaborating with industry and government sectors for over 20 years solving challenging groundwater problems.

Tools such as GIS (Geographic Information Systems), environmental databases, multi-dimensional scientific visualization, and HPC (High Performance Computing) are applied in combination with advanced multi-physics computational models for simulating coupled density-dependent groundwater flow, solute transport, hydro-mechanics, and multi-phase flow in porous and fractured media.

Currently, Dr. Normani and his team are focusing on the characterization of sedimentary and fractured crystalline rock settings in Canada for radioactive waste isolation and the assessment of geosphere stability over time scales which include the growth and retreat of continental scale ice-sheets.