The goal of the UW-ITE Wat-WALK project is to sensitize individual transportation action that can affect daily Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction and climate change mitigation, thus enabling us as a university community to chart new path for environmental sustainability.

Context and Relevance

Increasing temperature changes to more drastic events like flooding are recognized impacts of anthropogenic carbon footprint and global climate change which affects our wellbeing. Canada intends to achieve 30% reduction of GHG emission economy-wide in 2030 below 2005 level. On the provincial level, Ontario targets a 15% GHG reduction below 1990 level by 2020. As a region, Waterloo is dedicated to assisting in the “development and implementation of a community climate action plan” to mitigate climate change impacts. The University of Waterloo community is committed to establishing environmental sustainability as “a core part of its culture”. Agreements, targets and commitments is an interesting narrative but with little time left to reach goals for 2020 or 2030, it has become important to take a bottom-up approach looking from our individual contribution.


Wat-WALK is scheduled for October 10- 13, 2017. This event is organized to invigorate alternative mode of transportation to driving within the Waterloo region Community, to reduce the GHG contribution, increase awareness of individuals’ impact, and individuals’ wellness. With wet and cold weather closing in on us, and after delicious thanksgiving food, these last few days of warm weather with highest temperature average 18 degrees, we encourage our community to walk, bike, take public transit, Why not!


  1. Walk, bike, take public transit to school or work (10- 13 October)
  2. Take your best sightseen picture in your trip and post in our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/UWITESC/
  3. Enter your travel log information on this page during the contest period!


  1. Contribute in reduce GHG emission of our community while increase individuals’ wellness and sustainability awareness
  2. Get calculations of your contribution to GHG emissions reduction
  3. Enter a draw for amazing prizes
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