We offer different sponsorship levels with many associated benefits to our sponsors in terms of advertising opportunities:

Competition Sponsorship

The UW-ITE is hosting its first Annual Competition “Best Presentation in Transportation” scheduled to take place in November 2017. Students are invited to present and share a topic of interest related to transportation engineering to their peers and professionals. Sponsorships for one or all three best presentations awards are now open. Associated benefits to our sponsors in terms of advertising opportunities include: Recognition during the event, online and print recognition, and a feature in our quarterly issue “WatMoves”.

Recognition in Seminars

Seminars serve to facilitate the transfer of ideas between students, professors and professionals, and allow an opportunity of promoting the transportation profession through exposing students to different transportation subjects. There are usually three to five seminars held every term (four months) that are attended by students and professors. We have hosted presentations on topics that range from pavement management, ITS, transit planning, traffic simulation, and traffic engineering. Also, companies and municipalities have presented to our members on interesting works that they have carried out.

Sponsors will be recognized in print on our seminar advertisements. For Gold sponsors the UW-ITE Student Chapter will run a short video advertisement (provided by our sponsor) prior to the start of the seminar.

Recognition during Events

The social events hosted by the UW-ITE Student Chapter are well attended by our members with a turnout of approximately between 30-40 students per event. At the start of every new school year (September) the student chapter has a tradition of welcoming new students by hosting a social gathering at the local graduate student hang-out (Grad House). At least once a term the UW-ITE hosts fun events such as bowling, paintball or billiards. These events allow students, professors and professionals to network. These long lasting relationships help the transportation community by facilitation of the transfer of new ideas and opportunities.
Silver and Gold sponsors will be verbally acknowledged at the start of these events, expressing our gratitude to our sponsors for their commitment and contributions to our student chapter.

Online Recognition

This website is well visited by our members because social and academic event details are listed here, along with other useful information about the chapter. Also both undergraduate and international students have been known to visit the website when they search for transportation engineering opportunities at the University of Waterloo. We are pleased to offer our sponsors recognition through the placement of their logos on the website home page. Gold and Silver sponsors will have a more prominent placement of logos.

Print Recognition

We are pleased to acknowledge our sponsors in our annual student chapter report and chapter newsletters. These reports are distributed within the Canadian ITE community and are also available for the world online. The size of the logo is related to the sponsorship level. Gold level sponsors will also have their logos on the first page of the report.

Silver and Gold sponsors will also have their logos displayed on the bulletin board outside of the transportation computer laboratory, which gets a lot of foot traffic from students.

Sponsorship Level and Benefits

The benefits and the associated amount for different sponsorship levels are summarized below:


  • $500/year
  • Small logo on seminar bulletins
  • Small logo on webpage

  • $800/year
  • Medium logo on seminar bulletins
  • Medium logo on webpage

  • $1000/year
  • Large logo on seminar bulletins
  • Large logo on webpage
  • Recognition during events