Call for Abstract: 1st Annual Student Best Presentation in Transportation Competition

The University of Waterloo ITE (UW-ITE) student chapter was established 37 years ago and was one of the first student chapters in the Canadian District. The UW-ITE is proud to launch its first Annual Student “Best Presentation in Transportation” Competition scheduled for the Fall 2017. The competition offers students a great opportunity to present and share a topic of interest related to transportation engineering to their peers and professionals. While technical competence is an important element, the main focus of the competition is on the ability to present and communicate effectively to one’s peers and the public.
Students are invited to submit a one-page abstract that includes title, name, affiliation, supervisor (if any), email address of the presenter, and a brief (up to 250 word) abstract. Examples of topics include, but are not limited to:
* Management Systems * Infrastructure Management * Sustainability * Public Transit * Traffic Engineering * Planning * Systems Analysis * Transport/ Transportation Economics * Intelligent Systems * Technology for Transportation Application * Safety and Risk Analysis * Materials and Structures, Innovations
The competition will be held at the University of Waterloo in Fall 2017. The selected students will give a 10-minute presentation followed by a 5-minute question and answer period. The three best presentations will be selected for awards.
Abstract Submission: September 18, 2017 Notice of Acceptance: October 2, 2017 Presentation submissions: October 16, 2017 Competition Date: November 1, 2017 Location: UW, Room (TBD)

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