The University of Waterloo ITE (UW-ITE) student chapter was established around 37 years ago and was one of the first student chapters in the Canadian District. UW-ITE is just one of many ITE student groups across North America. Currently our student chapter membership is around 40 students. Our membership is growing rapidly as the transportation engineering program at the University of Waterloo is expanding. The main objective of our student chapter is to attract students to the profession of transportation engineering and keep our members updated about the existing opportunities in both industry and academia. The activities of our student chapter include holding academic seminars, guest lecturers, social events, organizing technical tours and visits. The academic seminars and guest lecturers are in different transportation areas, e.g. traffic engineering, road safety, ITS, pavement, winter maintenance, and planning. Our social events include transportation group BBQ, yearly Grad House get-together to introduce new group members and facilitate networking, paintball, bowling and so forth. We also participate within the broader transportation community through projects such as the ITE data collection grants for conducting parking and trip generation surveys, ITE section luncheons, student competitions and Transportation Talk newsletter. The UW-ITE SC is active in exposing undergraduate students to transportation engineering through seminar talks to students.

The UW-ITE student chapter is proud of our continued energetic activities over the years that enhance students’ knowledge in the field of transportation engineering.

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    About ITE

  • The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) is an international educational and scientific association of transportation professionals who are responsible for meeting mobility and safety needs.
  • ITE has more than 70 local and regional chapters and more than 90 student chapters that provide additional opportunities for information exchange, participation, and networking.
  • The ITE student chapters are operated by students under the supervision of the professors at universities.

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