Last Updated May 16, 2005

Graduate Students

Onita D. Basu, Ph.D. 
“Integrated Biofiltration-Membrane Process for the Treatment of a Water with a High Humic Acid Content."
                                                                                          Post-Chair Employment: Process Specialist, Water and Wastewater Division, Public Works, Region of Niagara

Stephen D. J. Booth, Ph.D. 
“Formation and Removal of Ozonation By-Products in Drinking Water Biofilters."
      Post-Chair Employment: Research Engineer, Carollo Engineers, Boise, Idaho, USA

Jeff Borisko, MSc. 
“Factors Influencing Heterotrophic Microbial Abundance in a Treatment Wetland System in Southern Ontario.”                                                                                           
Post-Chair Employment: Regional Watershed Monitoring Program, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

Karl Cober, MASc.
“Modeling Chloramine Residual Decay in a Full Scale Drinking Water Distribution System."
                                                                                                           Post-Chair Employment: Sr. Planning Engineer, Water Services Division, Regional Municipality of Waterloo

Elia Edwards, MASc. 
“Full-Scale Assessment of Disinfection Strategies: City of Brantford Water Purification Plant.”                                                                                                                Post-Chair Employment: Manager, Water Supply and Treatment Engineering, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sarah L.N. Elhadi, Ph.D. 
“Removal of Earthy/Musty Odour Compounds from Drinking Water by Biological Filtration.”                                                                                                           Post-Chair Employment: Research Engineer, Zenon Environmental Inc. in Oakville, Ontario. 

Monica B. Emelko, Ph.D. 
“Removal of Cryptosporidium parvum by Granular Media Filtration.”                          Post-Chair Employment: Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Graham A. Gagnon, Ph.D. 
“Utilization of Biodegradable Organic Matter by Biofilms in Drinking Water Distribution Systems.”                                                                                                           Post-Chair Employment: Associate Professor and Canada Research Chairholder in the Department of Civil Engineering, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada

Nelson O. Irobi, MASc. 
“Heterotrophic Bacterial Succession in a Simulated Drinking Water Distribution Ecosystem”
                                                                                                       Post-Chair Employment: Biologist/Evaluator, Health Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Cindy L. Lang, MASc. 
“Oxidation Kinetics of Geosmin and MIB in Drinking Water by the PEROXONE Process.”
Post-Chair Employment: Quality Control Engineer, Celestica

Tong Li, MASc. 
“Quantifying Robustness of Water Treatment Systems.”

Xibo Liu, Ph.D 
“Drinking Water Biofiltration: Assessing Key Factors and Improving Process Evaluation.”                                                                                                        
Post-Chair Employment: Water Treatment Specialist, Dillon Consulting Limited, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Dennis Mutti, MASc.   
“Full-Scale Water Treatment Optimization: Enhanced Coagulation for Organics Removal and Improved Ozone Disinfection.”                                                                        
Post-Chair Employment:  Stantec Consulting Ltd., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Peter J. Ollos, Ph.D. 
“Effects of Drinking Water Biodegradability and Disinfectant Residual on Bacterial Regrowth.”                                                                                                         
Post-Chair Employment: Senior Drinking Water Treatment Specialist, Ministry of the Environment, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Chan-Hee Park, MASc.
“Conceptual Modelling of the Transport of Cryptosporidium Oocysts in a Watershed.”
Post-Chair Employment: Chan-Hee pursued doctoral studies in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia, USA

Gerard Pereira, MASc. (Course work/Project)
“Modelling of Ozone Contactors for the use of Advanced Oxidation.”

Katarina D.M. Pintar, MSc. 
“Factors Influencing Nitrification in a Model Chloraminated Distribution System.”      
Post-Chair Employment:  Water Surveillance Biologist, Laboratory for Foodborne Zoonoses, Population and Public Health Branch - Canadian Public Health Agency, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Daniel Urfer, Ph.D. 
“Effects of Oxidants on Drinking Water Biofilters.”                                                  
Post-Chair Employment: République et Canton du Jura, Office des Eaux et de Protection de la Nature, Switzerland

Xiurong Zhang, MASc.
“Establishment of a Conceptual Framework for Quantifying Sources of Cryptosporidium in Watersheds.”                                                                                                     
Post-Chair Employment: Essex Region Conservation Authority

 Janis Zimmer, MASc.
“Inactivation and Potential Repair of Selected Waterborne Pathogens Exposed to Ultraviolet Radiation.
"                                                                                           Post-Chair Employment: Currently pursuing her PhD under the supervision of Dr. Robin Slawson at Wilfred Laurier University