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Visual AEM is a graphical user interface for single and multi-layer analytic element modeling of (mostly) steady-state groundwater flow and numerical/analytical modeling of vertically-averaged contaminant transport.

Visual AEM is designed for simplicity of use, but includes many robust tools and methods for development of regional scale groundwater flow and transport models or local scale models nested in larger hydrogeologic domains.

Version 1.04(released February 18th, 2009) supports:
  • Regional and local scale flow and transport modeling
  • Simulation of flow in confined and unconfined single-layer or multi-layer aquifers
  • Capture zone delineation
  • Particle tracking
  • Analytical, finite element, and finite difference simulation of multi-species solute transport
  • Plume animation and visualization
  • Automated Calibration with the parameter estimation code Ostrich
  • Advanced output options- ArcView®, ArcMap®, Surfer®
  • Multiple basemaps and DEMs in various formats (.jpg,.gif,.bmp,.ddf,.grd, .bna,.dxf)
  • Pre- and post-processing in Surfer®
  • Grid and mesh generation and editing tools
  • An editable geologic media database

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