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  • AEM Bibliography
    A reasonably comprehensive (but outdated) bibliography of analytic element method research (pdf format) (Last updated Mar. 2006)
  • AEM Overview Lecture
    A two-hour lecture presentation on the basics of the analytic element method, developed for a guest lecture for EARTH 661 - Analytical methods in Hydrogeology at the University of Waterloo, March 2007
  • A LaTeX primer
    A very brief primer for LaTeX, a short talk given for CEE grad students in Apr 2008
  • Inverse Laplace Transform source code (in C++)
    Stand-alone DeHoog algorithm code for Laplace inversion of an arbitrary function, F(s), handled using function pointers. Robust and fast.
  • Ogata-Banks spreadsheet solution (*.xlsm)
    Simple-to-use spreadsheet illustrating 1-D contaminant transport in porous media (note: includes VB macros that must be enabled)

The Analytic Element Method