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Download Full Installation Package for Windows (10.4 MB)
(Released 10/6/08; updated 12/13/13)

  • Visual AEM Executables and required libraries (version 1.05)
  • Bluebird/Cardinal Executable (version 3.35)
  • Split Executables (small, medium, and large) (version 3.0)
  • Ostrich Executable (version 1.6)
  • Manuals / Tutorials / Sample Input Files

Download TimML and Python Libraries (only necessary for multilayer modeling with TimML). Install in the order noted below. Note that recent versions of Windows have been problematic in supporting older versions of TimML via Visual AEM. Technical support for TimML features of Visual AEM will not be provided.

Additional Tools
  • ShapeToBNA.exe (27 KB)-Format conversion tool: converts from ESRIŽ Shapefile(*.shp) to ATLAS boundary file (*.bna) (included with downloads above)
    • Requires Visual Basic Runtime Library 6.0
    • Supports simple point, polyline, and polygon conversion

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