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Podcasts and blogs you should listen to and read:

KEXP Song of the Day - Another new song for you every day
My boy the riot girl - Great show from CFMU
Popcasting - In Spanish, I don't understand a word, but he plays great music
KCRW Top Tune - A new song for you every day
The Great Leap Forward - He plays some great older stuff that I remember from my early days of college radio
Indiepop radio - Hasn't been updated for a while but still lots of great indie pop links
Swedesplease - The helps to enable my addiction to Swedish pop music

Other Interesting Sites:

Stillepost concert listing - The best listings I've seen for who's coming to Toronto
Rotate This Record Store - List of concert tickets they are currently selling
Soundscapes Record Store - Lists concert tickets and their current stock
CKMS Radio Waterloo - Homepage of SoundFM formerly CKMS 100.3 FM Radio Waterloo
The Jane Bond - Definitely the coolest place in Waterloo and it has a funky website
Ultimate Band List - Information on most bands you can think of
Internet Movie Database - Information on movies

Home pages of the Fireball XL5 family:

Michelle Purchase
Karim Awad
David G. Fisher
Shannon Reynolds
Podcast directories that list the Fireball XL5 podcast:
Canadian Culture podcasts