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Frank Seglenieks' Radio History


Date Station Show Name Description & Examples
May 1985 - Aug 1988 CHRW The Frank, Frank, and Frank Show Predominantly a comedy show with sketches written by co-host Brian (Cat) Sullivan, featuring recurring characters, fake ads, fake interviews and a small rubber squeeze toy as the third Frank.
Jan 1990 - May 1990 CHSR Bud the Spud Weekly All-Canadian show on radio station of the University of New Brunswick. Featured personal record for dead air (approximately 10 minutes, as far as I can tell nobody noticed).
CHSR Two - Five Co-host of weekly jazz show with Dale Geddes, once played only about 20 minutes of music during 2 hour show, all the rest was talk.
Sep 1990 - Apr 1991 CKMS Frank and Friends Weekly morning show with various co-hosts such as Rob Armstrong, John Shimeld, Craig Hepburn, Dave Kreller, John Cracknell, Jane Stone and others.
May 1991 - Aug 1991 CHRW Wackyland Weekly show with Dave Claerhout
CHRW At Death's Door Various fill in shows with Dave Claerhout, Pat Ryan, and Richard Seo
CHRW Anson Williams' Fan Club Fill in show with Dave Claerhout, Pat Ryan, and Richard Seo
Sep 1991 - Aug 1992 CKMS Wackyland (Brett Davidson) Weekly morning show.
Sep 1992 - Dec 1992 CKMS Wackyland  Weekly Friday afternoon show, on air interviews with musicians such as John Bottomely and Garth Wittich.
Jan 1993 - Apr 1994 CKMS Wackyland (Derek Weiler) Weekly Friday afternoon show, on air interviews with musicians such as Jerry Jerry.
Jun 1994 - Aug 1994 CHON Alter-Native Weekly Friday afternoon show on the native radio station in Whitehorse, Yukon (hence the name of the show).  We got on because Michelle's uncle works for the TV part of the station and put us in touch with station manager Leonard Linklater.  Got a lot of positive feedback about the show, apparently we were very popular in a cadet camp outside of town.
May 1995 - Dec 1997 CKMS Not So Cool Wagon Late Friday night show with occasional co-hosts Derek Weiler and Michelle Purchase. 
Jan 1998 - Aug 2008 CKMS Fireball XL5 Radio show on Friday evenings alternating with Charlene O’Grady’s Sharky’s World. Co-host Michelle Purchase with such guests as Peter Brown, Garth Wittich, Jayson Innes, Steven Fassnacht, Dave Claerhout, Sari Morrison, Derek Weiler, Dave Fisher
Aug 1998 - Present Podcast Fireball XL5 Current podcast show..