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LEI XU, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Department of Civil and Enviornmental Engineering 
Associate Director of the Canadian Cold-Formed Steel Research Group
Tel: (519) 888-4567 ext. 36882
Fax: (519) 888-4349


Ph.D in Structural Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada, 1994
B.Sc. in Engineering Mechanics, Chongqing University, China, 1982


Professor Xu teaches structural steel design, structural analysis and structural systems for undergraduate students. He also offers a graduate course in advanced structural steel design.


Dr Xu's research is centred on the analysis, design and optimization of steel structures. The objective is to develop theoretical advances and practical innovations. The primary method of his research consists of analytic development, numerical computation and experimental testing. his principal areas of research are:

  1. Analysis and design of cold-formed steel structures:
    The primary objectives of the research on cold-formed steel residential and commercial building construction are to develop innovative designs and structural products and to promote advanced techniques for the Canadian residential construction industry. The current studies include on vibration control on lightweight cold formed steel floor systems and design optimization of cold formed steel trusses.
  2. Performance-based Structural analysis and design of steel buildings:
    The research concerns the analysis and design of steel building structures accounting for any and all conventional and extreme loading that they may experience during their lifetime. The work involves identifying the features that steel buildings must have in order to perform well not only under normal circumstances but also in abnormal and extreme conditions. Currently, the following two studies are in progress:
    • Frame stability under extreme loading for multi-story unbraced and semi-braced frames with semi-rigid beam-to-column connections.
    • Performance-based optimal seismic design of steel frames with multiple objectives.


National and International Standards Committees

  1. Member, Professional Engineers of Ontario
  2. Member, Canadian Standards Association: Technical Committees for S136, A660, G104 and A344 Standards
  3. Member, American Iron and Steel Institute: Technical Committee for Standards on Steel Framing
  4. Member, Chinese Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development: Committees for JG/T-182 and Mid-Rise CFS Residential Buildings
  5. Member, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering

Professional Committees

  1. Member, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, Technical Sub-Committee on Steel Structures
  2. Member, American Society of Civil Engineers, Technical Committee on Cold-Formed Steel Members


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