Ph.D. - Cornell University
        • School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
        • Automatic calibration, management and uncertainty analysis: phosphorus transport in the 
          Cannonsville Watershed

 M.A.Sc. - University of British Columbia
        • Civil Engineering Department
        • Genetic Algorithms for multi-objective optimization in water quality management under 

B.Sc. (Env.) - University of Guelph
        • Honours degree in Environmental Science

Awards / Honours

• 2015. Second Best Paper Award for the 13th Computer Control for Water Industry Conference for Khedr et al. (2015) conference paper. Second out of ~150 conference papers.
• 2014. Finished in 4th place (of 14 international teams) in the Battle of Background Leakage Assessment for Water Networks competition at the 16th International Conference on Water Distribution Systems Analysis for work summarized in Tolson and Khedr (2014) conference paper.
• 2013 Editor's Choice Award for Water Resources Research journal for Razavi et al. (2012) publication above. Awards given to (about) the top one percent of published articles in any calendar year.
• 2013 Outstanding Reviewer Award for Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management
• 2012 WDSA conference Best Paper Presentation Award for paper entitled: “The battle of the water networks (BWN-II): PADDS based solution approach”
• 2011 Prix Donald R. Stanley Award for the best paper on a civil engineering subject in the area of environmental engineering (Canadian Society for Civil Engineering), granted for the paper entitled ‘Risk assessment of a water supply system under climate variability: a stochastic approach’


• American Geophysical Union member
• Canadian Geophysical Union member
• University of Waterloo Water Institute member


Amin and I (and Masoud) ranked 3rd place in the EMO'2017 Real-world Multiobjective Problems Track optimization competition.

2017 Jan

Congratulations to Hongli for passing her PhD comprehensive exam.

2016 Sept

Welcome Julie and Konhee to the research team!

2016 July

Amin and I (and Masoud) ranked 1st place in the GECCO 2016 2-OBJ expensive Track multi-objective optimization competition.