I have created some summary drawings of how systems work graphically.

General Enclosure Systems

Insulation and membrane on exterior The most reliable approach in almost any climate or use.
Exposed membrane low-slope roof Protected membranes are generally more durable
Insulated framed wall The wall that swallows its insulation and requires special care to make work
The intelligent compromise
Sandwich precast Arch precast is just like any other heavy cladding -- with light framed interior or insulation over membrane
Dual Barrier EIFS with drained joints -- an excellent compromise
Metal Building systems
Residential basement A reasonable compromise that works much better than standard walls
Rain Control Schematics
Framed wall with siding
Framed Wall with stucco
Framed Wall with heavy cladding
A Two-Stage joint

Curtainwall Plan Section
Curtainwall Vision-Spandrel Vert Section
Kawneer 7550 Exploded Iso
Kawneer1600 Exploded Iso
Curtainwall Starter Sill

Details and Flashing
Locations on the enclosure requiring detail drawings in the project documents
Chimney Flashing
Proper Deck Flashing
Wall-Roof intersection
Window to Precast Wall

Wood Framing Details Post and Beam Wood Framing
Platform Framing